Undergraduate Degrees in the UK

Did you know Bachelor’s degrees in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are just three years in length, saving you time and money compared to a US degree? In the UK, you take minimal general education classes which means you get to studying what you really care about much sooner than American programs.

Looking for a four year program? Scotland offers four year Bachelor’s degrees for students who have more than one academic interest or who want an internship or further study abroad opportunities.

Whether you want a 3 or 4 year degree, our Undergraduate Degrees Guide Download will help you understand:

  • How studying a degree in the UK benefits you
  • The differences between American and British graduate degrees
  • The costs of studying abroad
  • UK entry requirements
  • How our UK study experts support you one to one to maximize your chances of acceptance
  • And much more!

Please tell us your subject(s) of interest to start your journey to the UK today!

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