Studying in the UK
A Special Guide for you and your Parents

Are you a high schooler wanting to talk with your parents about applying to British universities in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland? Then this guide will help you!

In this free eBook, we answer popular parental concerns for students thinking of living and studying in Britain, including:

  • The cost of studying in the UK
  • Safety at university
  • Healthcare for international students
  • Keeping in contact
  • Immigration and visas
  • Benefits of earning a degree in the UK
  • How a UK degree can boost your employment opportunities after school
  • How to decide which universities to apply to

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Parent testimonial

My son Ben is currently studying Music Performance and Production BA (Hons) at the University of Kent and is having the time of his life. This has been a dream of Ben’s since visiting the UK three years ago. He found Across the Pond – Study in the Britain on the web and began working with his advisor in the fall of his senior year of high school.

Ben’s advisor helped him narrow down the best universities for his interests and budget. She then guided him through the process of applying, promptly responding to any questions he had. She was so encouraging and made the process so easy. What’s more, this service is FREE! Across the Pond – Study in the Britain is so professional and plugged into the college process that I didn’t become involved until after Ben was accepted. Ben’s advisor helped us arrange meetings at Kent when we visited in the spring. She also guided us through the visa process and helped calm our nerves about housing and moving to England. I can’t imagine the application process without this incredible program!

Thank you for this incredible service. I would recommend Across the Pond – Study in the Britain to any student considering university "across the pond."

-Heather Grove, parent, University of Kent

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